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Luc Carton

Luc Carton biography

About Luc Carton:

Luc holds and manages eMarket Strategies, a consultancy company specialized in Internet behaviour research

For many years now, he has focused on BtoB and BtoC consumer experience.

To add to this expertise and create a "huge" lab (18,000 surfers) to analyze Internet behaviour, he co-founded BVA TFC Research with the European BVA Institute.

BVA TFC Research is an Institute specialized in Internet behaviour.

This research Institute, with Luc expertise, has developed a special knowledge to track online shoppers' behaviour.

This gives Luc Carton a unique expertise in eShopability by being able to understand in "real time" where and why a visitor leaves a payment process... why this visitor does not buy on that particular site but buys on other sites...

Luc also manages 3 newsletters:

- eShopability
- eMarket news
- eTourism news

Luc Carton is member of the UPA (Usability Professionals' Association).

To get in touch with Luc:


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